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A donation to Astraea reaches across the globe, fueling campaigns for constitutional protections, combating forced “rehabilitation” clinics for lesbians, and fighting for the right for self-determination for trans people.

Less than 1 percent – $0.26 – of all US foundation dollars is dedicated to LGBTQI issues. Astraea’s goal is to change that – with your help.

LGBTQI youth, trans people, women, and people of color are leading the global movement to fight back. These are the frontline activists who work in isolation with limited access to financial resources. They are local change-makers, artists, and community members who use a multitude of tools to challenge oppression and seed change.

100% As a public foundation, we raise all the money we give away from institutions, foundations and generous individuals.

80% of all monies raised are re-invested directly into our grantee partners’ work. Combine contributions of all sizes to make a bigger impact than any one of us can alone … an impact that is global.

78% of our grants are flexible, core support that helps activists sustain their invaluable work.

We believe that everyone, regardless of income or giving amounts, is a vital part of this philanthropy. Join us in building a diverse, informed and strategic community of donors across the economic spectrum. Our goal is to link activists, donors and the LGBTI global community through education and action. Together, we are transforming the social justice landscape for LGBTQI people around the world.
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Fundraise For Us

Create your own personal campaign and help us raise funds to support our grantee partners.

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Attend An Event

Big or small, Astraea events are some of the best ways to engage with established friends and make new ones. Our intimate gatherings range from cultural to political; from film premiere screenings to panel discussions on international issues. We invite you to join us as we raise support for challenges and celebrate victories.

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