Rainbow Identity Association

The Rainbow Identity Association is a trans and intersex-led organization working to build strong, active and resilient transgender and intersex communities in Botswana and improve their lived realities.

Rainbow Identity Association was formed in 2008 to address challenges faced by trans and intersex communities in Botswana. They are facilitating referrals for health care focusing on mental health specialists and counsellors and for psychosocial support, sexual and reproductive health care, rehabilitation centres for drug and alcohol abuse; they are also disseminating information and providing training relating to HIV and STIs including information on HIV and STI prevention, treatment, care and support, disseminating HIV barrier products specifically geared towards the needs of transgender and intersex bodies. They provide legal referral assistance by linking up the persons who need legal advice or representation relating to the protection and promotion of their gender identity and expression rights. They promote advocacy through workshops for community organisers, activists, police, health workers, politicians, and other leaders, and information sessions for transgender and intersex people outlining their human rights. They are working in advancing trans and intersex issues in civic and legal platforms. During covid-19 they organized a webinar on the impact of the pandemic on trans and intersex people.