Chouf Minorities

Chouf is a feminist organization working about women bodily and sexual rights in Tunisia.

Chouf is a feminist  organization working about  women bodily and sexual rights in Tunisia. The organization is based on an egalitarian principle that rejects any hierarchical ordering of its members. Chouf defines itself as a group of activists who rely on audiovisual material in their work. In fact, they strongly believe that these audiovisual tools are the most pertinent and effective means to effect immediate change in our social environment and rid us of the stereotypes and prejudiced views we face on a daily basis. They have a multiplicity of objectives, but they all revolve around one necessity: allowing tunisian women, and more specifically FSF women, a safe environment in which they can express themselves freely and work on developing their potentials; an opportunity that otherwise would have been very difficult to obtain given the double discrimination that these women have to face. Indeed, they are oppressed not only for their womanhood, but also for their sexual orientation that is regarded as a deviation from established social norms. In the transitional context they are living after the revolution, feminism has never been of such importance as it is now for the young generations. The rising threat of a radical politicization of Islam that they have witnessed during the past months, together with the patriarchal nature of our educational and societal models, has made it necessary for them to defend their rightful place as women in Tunisia.

For women of the organization Chouf, feminism has always been the source of their inspiration and growth, guiding our involvement in politics and integration in the social and cultural affairs of our country. Their life choices, their professional careers, and their struggles have always been shaped by their deep awareness of being women. That is why they do not associate their feminist vision with any political system. On the contrary, they define it as an acquired awareness and a shattering of the guilt often suffered by women in their search of intellectual and physical freedom; including having a sexuality that does not correspond to what is expected of them in a society governed by men for their own benefit.