Building Power

Building Power

Creating Ecosystems of Liberation

Building Power

THE ASTRAEA LESBIAN FOUNDATION FOR JUSTICE is the only philanthropic organization working exclusively to advance LGBTQI human rights around the globe. We support brilliant and brave grantee partners in the U.S and internationally who challenge oppression and seed change. We work for racial, economic, social, and gender justice, because we all deserve to live our lives freely, without fear, and with dignity.

Building Power

Members of Astraea’s staff at a July 2019 staff retreat in New York City. Credit: Astraea Archives.
Top photo: Drummers at the 2016 AWID Forum in Bahia, Brazil. Credit: Astraea Archives

Astraea’s Board

A letter from Astraea’s Board

Limay Ho and Ebone Bishop

Iimay Ho and Eboné Bishop, Co-Chairs

Dear Friends,

It takes an ecosystem to create lasting change, to build thriving, connected, resilient communities, to fight for the liberation we know is possible. In 2019, Astraea began to imagine what our most ideal ecosystem would look like, in order to continue building and shifting power to our movements. We are at a pivotal time at Astraea, and we are taking the time to pivot so that we can thrive.

In July 2019, we bade farewell to our outgoing Executive Director, J. Bob Alotta, following eight visionary, tremendous years. Bob expanded Astraea’s capacity to deliver resources to LGBTQI groups in the U.S. and globally, and deepened our philanthropic presence and leadership. We are deeply grateful to her for her stewardship of Astraea. In September, we welcomed Interim Executive Director, Sandy Nathan, who began working with the board and staff to lay the groundwork for Astraea’s next permanent Executive Director, who will be critical in helping us vision the next chapter in Astraea’s life cycle.

Like many social justice organizations of our time, we know that in order to keep supporting our movements through these challenges, we need to embody the healing justice principles we espouse and commit to our own sustainability. So in 2019, we began to do just that. We took a moment to pause, breathe, and reflect. To nurture ourselves in order to keep fueling the global activism and organizing that’s so desperately needed.

We are simultaneously experiencing a period of phenomenal growth and transformation. Our overall budget increased by over 25% in just a year, making us a $14 million organization in 2020, thanks to a number of large multi-year grants from institutional and government donors. Astraea has laid the foundation for this funding over the last several years, through a sustained commitment to our core philanthropic pillars and to our movements. This faith in Astraea is affirming of our role as philanthropic leaders in the gender, racial, and economic justice landscape, and is a testament to our charge as funders. We are so appreciative of these partners who are graciously providing Astraea with the resources both to grow our support for movements, as well as to invest in ourselves—in staff wellbeing, leadership development, and long-term infrastructure within the organization.

As you flip through this year in review, you will see the ways we both learn from and work in deep partnership with the movements we support; from our Healing Justice report to our Feminist Funding Principles. You will see how our grantees—from Burundi to Peru—are building power, collaborating, and disrupting the status quo to create a global social justice ecosystem that is both deeply interconnected and truly inclusive.

The mission of Astraea is needed now more than ever. Our world and our people are up against unending challenges—closing civil societies, the rise of nationalist governments, escalating anti-Black, anti-immigrant violence, growing power of religious conservatives, and the use of gender “paranoia” to mobilize masses of people toward these conservative agendas. We are committed to deepening our relationships and our collaborations with our movements, because if we can create strong, powerful, aligned ecosystems of liberation, we can bring into being the world we’ve all been dreaming.

In Solidarity,
Iimay Ho and Eboné Bishop, Co-Chairs
On behalf of the Astraea Board of Directors


Interim Executive Director

A letter from Sandy Nathan

Sandy Nathan

Through its bold and radical approach to philanthropy, Astraea has been building power for and amplifying the voices of grassroots activists

Sandy Nathan
Interim Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Since I joined Astraea last September, I’ve been thinking about what it means for me to be stewarding Astraea in this moment. We are living in a moment in time in which all our ecosystems—environmental, political, social, and cultural—are deeply interconnected and interdependent, but also more fragile than ever before. Our survival relies on each other, on our collective boldness and imagining of a brighter future.

Through its bold and radical approach to philanthropy, Astraea has been building power for and amplifying the voices of grassroots activists for over 42 years. In 2019 alone, we granted over $4.2 million to 190 grantee partners through 273 grants to organizations across the United States and around the world.

As we move further into uncertain, challenging times, it will be important that we retain our unwavering sense of boldness and unapologetic commitment to cultivating the LGBTQI and feminist movements calling for true and lasting change.

Recognizing that to keep nourishing our movements, we must also keep replenishing our minds, bodies, systems, and processes. Astraea’s period of executive leadership transition in 2019 has been a moment for our board and staff to do just that. Over the last few months, we have created critical space within the organization to begin working towards strengthening our internal cultures and policies to ensure we are truly living into our feminist social justice values. Some examples of the exciting work we have already begun include the formation of our staff-led Organizational Strengthening Committee, our partnership with Strategies for Social Change, a Women-of-Color-owned consulting firm with experience guiding similar social movement organizations, and positive changes to several policies from compensation, to increased paid holidays!

2020 is a critically important year for Astraea as we prepare for new leadership. It is also an election year that is happening in the midst of global crises on multiple fronts. Yet, we are clear-eyed that our purpose has not shifted: we as Astraea are called in to build power at the grassroots, to support the LGBTQI movements leading the charge towards our collective liberation.

As we prepare for what lies ahead, we invite you into our 2019 Year in Review showcasing highlights from Astraea, our grantee partners, and our funding landscape at large. Journey with us to learn the ways in which we have and continue to collaborate, create solidarity, and work in symbiosis with all our partners—towards creating the beautiful, resilient ecosystems of liberation we know to be possible.

In Solidarity,
Sandy Nathan
Interim Executive Director


The Power of Data

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem

Members of Movimiento Lesbia at a 2019 event in Peru. Credit: Movimiento Lesbia

The Funding Data

in this section tells an important and powerful story. It is indicative of our sustained commitment to nurturing the LGBTQI and feminist ecosystem over the last 42 years and beyond.

The data shows our long-standing belief that it is only through resourcing grassroots organizations consistently and over the long-haul, can we really support movements to grow and thrive.

Our 2019 grantmaking numbers demonstrate that we have and continue to push the boundaries of philanthropy to support the boldest, most radical, most creative activists and artists at the grassroots, because they are the ones truly seeding lasting change.

42 Years of Shifting Power to the Grassroots

$44M In 42 years

  • to 2000+ grantee partners via 5,000+ grants to grantees in 116 countries and 46 U.S. States.

$4.2MIN 2019

  • to 190 grantee partners through 273 grants

73% of all intersex funding worldwide is provided by Astraea.

  • Since 2015 we have leveraged over $2 million for the resilient and growing global intersex network.

Over$1M to vibrant

  • growing LBQ-led organizing in 2019.

1 of only 2 funders globally

  • giving more than 10% of our funding to trans groups.

Sustaining our Movements to Grow, Flourish, and Thrive!

Funding movements is about much more than just shifting money to the grassroots. Our long-term, core funding strategy allows grantees to define their own agendas and strategies, while capacity building grants support them to evolve and adapt to changing environments.

75%of grantees

  • received general operating support grants.

NEARLY95%of our core support

  • was in the form of renewal grants.

$740Kacross 112 grants

  • for capacity building, healing justice, travel, and accompaniment support.

Prioritizing QTPOC Power

In the United States, we prioritize support to QTPOC-led grassroots groups. These are the communities leading the fight against the rise of patriarchy and white nationalism through radical and dynamic resistance campaigns designed to build sustainable futures for us all.

99%of our U.S. funding

  • supports queer and trans People of Color-led groups.

100%of our U.S. funding

  • supports migrant justice, reproductive justice, racial justice, freedom from violence, and anti-criminalization organizing.

55%of our U.S. funding

  • specifically and strategically funds QTPOC organizations based in the South.

Bolstering a Global Ecosystem

With political, social, and cultural landscapes constantly shifting, civil societies closing, and authoritarianism on the rise, our international grantee partners are pushing back by building more interconnected, more inclusive movements that prioritize our collective global liberation.

63%of our international grantmaking

  • was to groups in countries with repressed and closing civil societies.1

$113Kthrough 28 International Fertile Fund grants

  • to groups around the world responding to challenging political, social, and cultural contexts.

85%of our international funding

  • specifically funds the underfunded yet rapidly growing and incredibly vibrant LBQ and trans-led communities around the world.

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem

Familia Trans Queer Liberation Movement at Mi Existir Es Resistir National Encuentro in Philadelphia, PA in 2019. Photo Credit: Oscar Diaz

Sustaining Our Movements: Astraea Highlights

As funders, we believe our responsibility is not only to resource our movements through grantmaking, but also to support them to grow and thrive through capacity building, accompaniment, and advocating for their brilliant work across philanthropy!

This year, we continued to expand on those efforts: from our Feminist Funding Principles advocating for more and better funding through a feminist lens, to holding strategy and skills-building convenings with grantees around the world.

Through building deep relationships with our grantees, our peers, and our donors, we’re working together to ultimately create stronger ecosystems to walk alongside our movements and understand what they need to remain resilient, fight back against the rise of growing conservatism, and care for themselves and each other.

Here are just some of the ways we’ve shown up for our movements in 2019:

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Panelists at Astraea’s Healing Justice Funder Convening in New York City, 2019. Credit: Simone Williams Photography

Healing is Justice

Astraea has been deeply moved by healing justice work—resiliency and survival practices integral to our collective liberation. This year we launched our report, Healing Justice: Building Power, Transforming Movements, which lifts up the essential nature of healing justice work for movement building and identifies how funders can most effectively support it. The report formed the basis of a convening we hosted in May 2019 for over 75 funders, where participants discussed the importance of centering the healing needs, priorities, and self-determination of movements.

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
WVL—Caribbean Convening participants and organizers. Credit: Astraea Archives/The Equality Fund

Convening in the Caribbean

The Equality Fund and Astraea hosted a two day convening to kick-off our new collaboration as part of the Women’s Voice and Leadership-Caribbean (WVL) initiative. We gathered 25 partners and representatives from women’s organizations and LBTQI groups from around the region to develop and expand the thinking around the program and ensure it responds to the priorities of groups in the region. The five year initiative for the region is supported by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Astraea, Urgent Action Fund, and Labrys Digital Solidarity Convening in Kyrgyzstan, 2018. Credit: Labrys Kyrgyzstan

Digital Solidarity Convening in Kyrgyzstan

Astraea teamed up with Labrys Kyrgyzstan and Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights (UAF) in September 2018, to co-create a convening for LBTQ activists from all over Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, and Central Asia to meet, collaborate, create, and build power together. The convening was an opportunity for activists to dive into the ways digital activism can strengthen queer and trans activism across the region, while also taking time to reflect and consider its implications for physical and organizational security, and psychological burnout.

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
2015 Martin Luther King Jr. Day March and Rally. Credit: Naomi Ishisaka

Feminist Funding Principles

Our Feminist Funding Principles publication launched in May 2019, offering 10 feminist-based recommendations to funders to support movements in sustainable ways. The principles are a call-to-action for the philanthropy community to redistribute money as a mechanism towards redistributing power, so that ultimately movement agendas are controlled by grassroots activists, organizations, and communities.

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Participants at Astraea’s Dominican Republic CommsLabs, September 2018. Credit: Carlos Rodríguez

CommsLabs in the Dominican Republic

Our 4th CommsLabs convening took place in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, bringing together activists from around the Latin America and Caribbean regions. It was an opportunity for LGBTQI activists from all over the region to build capacity, experiment with new tools and technologies, and intentionally connect with each other to break down the structures of racism, patriarchy, and colonialism.

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Healers at the Freedom from Violence and Criminalization Gathering. Credit: Amarilis Torres Carrasquillo

Freedom from Violence Convening in Puerto Rico

In May 2019, we co-hosted a “Freedom from Violence and Criminalization Gathering” for U.S. and Puerto Rico—based grantee partners along with Borealis Philanthropy in San Juan, Puerto Rico. From transformative justice and budget advocacy sessions led by organizers, to rich cultural programming and holistic wellness offerings from local Puerto Rican practitioners and organizers, the convening offered a generative space for participants to continue building connections and deepening their visions for what safety and justice look like in communities of color in the U.S and in Puerto Rico.

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Participants at the Africa Regional Intersex Convening. Credit: African Intersex Movement

Intersex Meetings

This year, Astraea supported intersex activists in Africa and Asia to coordinate regional meetings bringing together intersex activists, community members, and allies to deepen intersex movement-building and strategy efforts. The Africa meeting resulted in the launch of the first Africa Intersex Regional platform, known as the African Intersex Movement (AIM). The Asia meeting strengthened the Intersex Asia Network, also an Astraea grantee partner.

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Mujeres al Borde community members at a 2017 event in Colombia. Credit: Mujeres al Borde

Launch of the International Fertile Ground Fund

This year, we launched our first set of International Fertile Ground Fund grants, many of which support the strengthening of regional networks and growing global cross-movement collaborations. The Fertile Ground Fund is a flexible funding source that provides resources based on the shifting needs and desires of grantee partners, giving them the ability to be more nimble and responsive. One of our grants supported the organization of the second European Lesbian* Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, attended by over 300 LBQ activists and allies.

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Honorees and guests at Astraea’s 2018 Fueling the Frontlines Awards in Los Angeles (U.S.). Credit: Christine Chang

Astraea’s Fueling the Frontlines Awards in Los Angeles

In November 2018, we hosted our fifth annual Fueling the Frontlines Awards, bringing together the Los Angeles LGBTQI community to recognize the contributions of grassroots activists, leaders, and organizers leading LGBTQI+ movements around the world. This year, we honored the visionary leadership and activism of Malkia Cyril, the late Jeanne Córdova, Alicia Garza, and Chani Nicholas. The event was a powerful night of music, cocktails, food, and community, highlighting the intersectionality and resiliency of LGBTQI movements today.

Building And Blossoming: Grantee Highlights

Our grantees build power in a myriad of creative, dynamic ways which come together to create powerful organizing ecosystems. These ecosystems are blossoming and taking root around the world to work towards our collective liberation. From producing critical research highlighting ongoing violence against LGBTQI communities to creating films celebrating queer love in all its forms, our grantee partners are constantly working to create brighter, stronger futures for our people everywhere. Here are just a few of the incredible highlights of grantees’ work in 2019:

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Trans Health and Wellness Conference in Jamaica, 2019. Credit: TransWave Jamaica

TransWave Jamaica

centered the health of trans communities in Jamaica. TransWave Jamaica’s second annual Trans Health and Wellness Conference created a generative space for dialogue on trans health and well-being, and educated and engaged the public on the importance of transinclusive health care.

Read more on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Members of Movimiento Lesbia at a 2019 event in Peru. Credit: Movimiento Lesbia

Movimiento Lesbia

established Arequipa, Peru’s first ever “LGBTI Week of Remembrance,” which commemorated and visibilized the memories and histories of LGBTI communities in the country through films, conversations, and art performances highlighting both the achievements and ongoing struggles of LGBTI communities.

Read more on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Together for Women’s Rights members on International Women’s Day in Burundi, 2019. Credit: Together for Women’s Rights Burundi

Together for Women's Rights

launched an illuminating report capturing the lived realities of LBTQI women and sex workers in Burundi. It serves as a powerful advocacy tool to educate health and rights providers on the specific health access issues faced by these communities, and advocate for greater inclusion of LBTQI people in sexual and reproductive health programs.

Read more on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Sayoni at Pink Dot event in Singapore, 2012. Credit: Sayoni


produced critical research highlighting the violence faced by LBTQ communities in Singapore. Sayoni’s report, entitled “Violence and Discrimination Against LBTQ Women in Singapore” is the first such study conducted in the country and sheds light on their lived realities as well as the invisibility of the problems faced, and recommends sensitive and responsive policy changes.

Read more on Astraea's website


released a documentary film entitled “Ishq, Dosti, and All That” celebrating queer love, friendships, and family in India. Noting that queer love is often portrayed in the mainstream only in its romantic form, the film explores a range of queer relationships and people’s everyday lives. The film has been screened at 15 film festivals and conferences.

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Labris at a UN Free & Equal event in Serbia, 2016. Credit: Labris


led the process to withdraw high school textbooks containing discriminatory content in Serbia. Labris filed complaints to the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality for discriminatory content in high school textbooks. The Commissioner confirmed that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development was including homophobic content in its textbooks and they were withdrawn by the ministries.

Read more on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Familia Trans Queer Liberation Movement at Mi Existir Es Resistir National Encuentro in Philadelphia, PA in 2019. Credit: Oscar Diaz

Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement

celebrated their fifth anniversary in 2019 by launching “Mi Existir Es Resistir National Encuentro” with more than 200 trans, queer, and gender nonconforming Latinx community members in attendance from across the United States and abroad. The gathering was an opportunity to share their “art, medicine, strategies, dreams, dances, and laughter to create a more just world.”

Read more on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
2018 Free Our Future action in San Diego (U.S.). Credit: Angela Jimenez for Auburn Theological Seminary/Mijente


is fighting the technology industry’s involvement in the U.S. criminal justice system and immigration enforcement. Mijente convened a conference bringing together directly impacted communities with policy, advocacy, and legal organizations, as well as tech industry workers. The purpose of the conference was to organize against the tech industry’s deep involvement in state-led surveillance and information sharing of migrants and People of Color, and the detention and deportation of immigrants.

Read more on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Members of MediaJustice at a 2018 rally for net neutrality. Credit: MediaJustice


is fighting for digital rights and privacy for all! MediaJustice joined 34 civil rights, consumer, and privacy organizations from the U.S. in launching public interest principles for robust and comprehensive federal legislation. These guidelines would ensure fairness, prevent discrimination, advance equal opportunity, protect free expression, and hold companies that collect personal data accountable for privacy violations.

Read more on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Protest for LGBTQI communities in Haifa, Palestine. Credit: alQaws

alQaws and Aswat

protested violence against LGBTQI communities in Palestine. After a trans teenager was stabbed because of their sexuality, Palestinian civil society organizations—including Aswat and alQaws—released a statement expressing their solidarity with the victim and strongly condemning violence against LGBTQI and non-binary individuals. A historic protest, the first of its kind, followed in Haifa, in which activists expressed their commitment to fighting for personal freedoms— including gender identity and sexual orientation—as an integral part of the struggle for liberation and decolonization.

Read more about alQaws on Astraea's website

Read more about Aswat on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Srishti Madurai at Asia’s first Genderqueer Pride parade in India, 2012. Credit: Srishti Madurai Archives

Srishti Madurai

informed the final judgment of a landmark legal victory for intersex and trans women in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In 2019, the work and activism of Gopi Shankar, founder of Srishti Madurai, informed the Madras High Court’s decision to recognize the marriage rights of trans and intersex women and directed the state to pass a government order banning sex-selective surgeries.

Read more on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
OII Europe board members, 2019. Credit: OII Europe

OII Europe

successfully advocated to the European Parliament to vote to adopt a landmark Resolution on the Rights of Intersex People, which condemned sex-normalising treatments and surgery and encouraged EU Member States to adopt legislation that protects the bodily integrity of intersex people. The Resolution also confirms that intersex people are “exposed to multiple instances of violence and discrimination in the European Union,” calling on the European Commission and the EU Members States to propose legislation to address these issues.

Read more on Astraea's website

Tajassodat Conference

organized the first-ever gathering of trans Muslim activists from North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia in Nepal. Activists strategized around their particular trans experiences and needs, proactive networking, resource development and mobilization, and joint-collaborations amongst trans activists and their allies to advance trans rights and justice.

Read more on Astraea's website

Resourcing the Organizing Ecosystem
Astraea Program Officers with Astraea donor Ise Bosch at the 2019 Global Feminist LBQ Women*s Conference in South Africa. Credit: Astraea Archives

Global LBQ Conference

organized the world’s first Global Feminist LBQ Women*s1 Conference. The conference was coordinated by a collective working group of 22 LBQ women* activists from across all regions of the world and was a space for activists and advocates to come together, share knowledge, exchange strategies, strengthen connections, mobilize resources, and take the lead in building a global LBQ women*s movement.

  1. For more information about Global Feminist LBQ Women*s Conference terminology, please visit:

Read more on Astraea's website

Financial Statement

10%FundraisingExpenses82%Grant & ProgramExpenses8%Administration &General Expenses

Without Donor Restrictions

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All Funds

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Changes in Net Assets




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Based on Audited Financial Statements for the year ending June 30, 2019

Grantee Partners


Elles Cameroun
Douala, Cameroon

Forum for the Empowerment of Women (FEW)
Johannesburg, South Africa

Gender DynamiX
Cape Town, South Africa

Intersex Community of Zimbabwe
Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Intersex Society of Zambia (ISSZ)

Intersex South Africa (ISSA)
Johannesburg, South Africa

Ivy Foundation
Lilongwe, Malawi

Pakasipiti Zimbabwe
Harare, Zimbabwe

QET Inclusion
Abidjan, Côte D’ivoire

Rainbow Identity Association
Gaborone, Botswana

S.H.E. Social, Health and Empowerment Feminist Collective of Transgender Women of Africa
East London, South Africa

Support Initiative for People with atypical sex Development (SIPD)
Kampala, Uganda

Together for Women’s Rights Burundi
Bujumbura, Burundi

Trans Bantu Association of Zambia
Lusaka, Zambia

Trans Smart Trust
Harare, Zimbabwe

Transgender and Intersex Africa
Pretoria, South Africa

UHAI: East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative
Nairobi, Kenya

Voice of the Voiceless (VOVO)
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

West African Trans Forum / Forum Trans* de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (WATF—FTAO)
Monrovia, Liberia

Women in Front Cameroon
Yaoundé, Cameroon

Women’s Health and Equal Rights Initiative (WHER)
Abuja, Nigeria

Asia & Pacific

AIS Support Group Australia Inc.
Coorparoo, Australia

Campaign for Change
Kathmandu, Nepal

Intersex Asia Network

Intersex Human Rights Australia
Newtown, Australia

Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand (ITANZ)
Wellington, New Zealand

Justice for Sisters
Selangor, Malaysia

Organization Intersex International—Chinese (OII Chinese)
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


Srishti Madurai LGBTQIA+ Student Volunteer Collective
Madurai, India

Thai Transgender Alliance/The Foundation of Transgender Alliance for Human Rights (TGA)
Bangkok, Thailand

Women’s Initiatives (WINS)
Tirupati, India

Europe & Central Asia

Bilitis Resource Center Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria

Collectif Intersexes et Allié-e-s-OII France
St. Denis, France

Egalite Intersex Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine

EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community

Geten, Center for LGBTIQA People’s Rights
Belgrade, Serbia

Global Feminist LBQ Women’s* Conference

Insight Public Organization
Kyiv, Ukraine

Institute Transfeminist Initiative TransAkcija
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Interaction—Association Suisse pour les Intersexes
La Neuveville, Switzerland

Intersex Danmark
Kolding, Denmark

Intersex Ísland
Reykjavík, Iceland

Princetown, UK

IVIM / Organisation Intersex International Deutschland
Berlin, Germany

Labris—Lesbian Human Rights Organization
Belgrade, Serbia

LGBTIQA Association Okvir
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Magda Rakita
Warsaw, Poland

Organisation Intersex International Europe

Public Union “Labrys”
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Stichting Nederlands Netwerk Intersekse/DSD
Nijmegen, Netherlands

Novosibirsk, Russia

Trans Aid—Association for promoting and protecting the rights of trans, inter and gender variant persons
Zagreb, Croatia

Trans Mreza Balkan (TMB)

Trans* Coalition in the Post-Soviet Space

Trans-Fuzja Foundation
Warsaw, Poland

Verein Intergeschlechtlicher Menschen Österreich (VIMO)
Linz, Austria

Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG)
Tbilisi, Georgia

XY Spectrum
Belgrade, Serbia

Zagreb Pride & Lesbian Organization Rijeka (LORI)
Zagreb and Rijeka, Croatia

Latin America & Caribbean

Dominican Republic

Aireana—Grupo por los Derechos de las Lesbianas
Asunción, Paraguay

Asociación Organizando Trans Diversidades (OTD)
Santiago, Chile

Brújula Intersexual
Mexico City, Mexico

CAISO: sex & gender justice
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Caribe Afirmativo
Barranquilla, Colombia

Circuito de Innovación y Resiliencia Queer (CIRQ)
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Colectiva Mujer y Salud (CMS)
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Colectivo No Tengo Miedo
Lima, Peru

Colombia Diversa
Bogotá, Colombia

Comunidad De Trans Y Travestis Trabajadoras Sexuales Dominicana—COTRAVETD
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Corporación Promoción de la Mujer/Taller de Comunicación Mujer
Quito, Ecuador

Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE)
St Lucia

El Closet De Sor Juana
Mexico City, Mexico

Femme en Action Contre la Stigmatisation el la Discrimination Sexuelle (FACSDIS)
Port au Prince, Haiti

Fundación de Desarrollo Humano Integral CAUSANA
Quito, Ecuador

GLEFA-Grupo Latinoamericano De Estudios, Formación y Acción Feminista
Bogotá, Colombia

Grupo Artemisa Honduras
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Grupo Safo
Managua, Nicaragua

Las Nietas de Nonó
Carolina, Puerto Rico

Lesbianas Independientes Feministas y Socialistas
Lima, Peru

Movimiento Lesbia
Arequipa, Peru

Mujer y Mujer
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Mujeres Al Borde
Bogotá, Colombia

Mulabi-Espacio Latinoamericano de Sexualidades y Derechos
Guadalupe, Costa Rica

Red Lésbica “CATTRACHAS”
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Red Multicultural de Mujeres Trans de Guatemala (REDMMUTRANS)
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Santamaría Fundación
Cali, Colombia

Trans Siempre Amigas—TRANSSA
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

TransWave Jamaica
Kingston, Jamaica

Tzk’at-Red de Sanadoras Ancestrales del Feminismo Comunitario
Sacatepequez, Guatemala

Vivir y Ser Intersex
Mexico City and León, Mexico

Women’s Empowerment for Change (WE-Change)
Kingston, Jamaica

Middle East & Southwest Asia

alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society
East Jerusalem, Palestine

Aswat-Palestinian Feminist Queer Movement for Sexual and Gender Freedoms
Haifa, Palestine

Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research
Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

North America

Austin, TX, United States

Audre Lorde Project (ALP)
New York, NY, United States

Black & Pink
National, United States

Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project
National, United States

Bold Futures (Formerly Young Women United)
Albuquerque, NM, United States

New Orleans, LA, United States

BYP100 Education Fund
National, United States

Communities United for Police Reform
New York, NY, United States

Community United Against Violence
San Francisco, CA, United States

Dignity and Power Now
Los Angeles, CA, United States

El/La Para TransLatinas
San Francisco, CA, United States

Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement (Familia TQLM)
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Bronx, NY, United States

Freedom Inc.
Madison, WI, United States

Freedom to Thrive
New York, NY, United States

Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network (GSA Network)
Oakland, CA, United States

Girls for Gender Equity
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Immigrant Youth Coalition (IYC)
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Intersex and Faith
Springfield, TN, United States

Intersex Justice Project
Atlanta, GA, United States

Lesbians Who Tech
Washington, DC, United States

Mariposas Sin Fronteras
Tucson, AZ, United States

Oakland, CA, United States

National, United States

Montana Two Spirit Society
Missoula, MT, United States

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN)
National, United States

Power Inside
Baltimore, MD, United States

Project South
Atlanta, GA, United States

Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM)
Providence, RI, United States

Racial Justice Action Center (RJAC)
East Point, GA, United States

Memphis, TN, United States

Southern Vision Alliance
Durham, NC, United States

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW
Atlanta, GA, United States

Southerners on New Ground (SONG)
Atlanta, GA, United States

Survivors Organizing for Liberation (SOL)
Denver, CO, United States

Trans Queer Pueblo
Phoenix, AZ, United States

Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP)
San Francisco, CA, United States

Women With A Vision
New Orleans, LA, United States

Funding Queerly

API Equality-Northern California (APIENC)
San Francisco, CA, United States

Black and Brown Workers’ Cooperative
Philadelphia, PA, United States

Black Trans Media
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Detroit, MI, United States

Garden of Peace Project
Homestead, PA, United States

Immigrant Youth Coalition (IYC)
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Invisible to Invincible (“i2i”): API Pride of Chicago
Chicago, IL, United States

Montana Two Spirit Society
Missoula, MT, United States

Out in the Open
Brattleboro, VT, United States

Peacock Rebellion
Oakland, CA, United States

Queer & Trans People of Color Birthwerq Project (Q/TPOC BP)
Seattle, WA, United States

Queer the Land
SeaTac, WA, United States

Somos Familia
Oakland, CA, United States

Stonewall Youth
Olympia, WA, United States

The Knights and Orchids Society
Selma, AL, United States

Washington, DC, United States

Transgender Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering (TAKE)
Birmingham, AL, United States

LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund

New Orleans, LA, United States

Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network (GSA Network)
Oakland, CA, United States

Project South
Atlanta, GA, United States

Racial Justice Action Center
East Point, GA, United States

Southern Vision Alliance
Durham, NC, United States

Southerners on New Ground (SONG)
Atlanta, GA, United States

Women With a Vision
New Orleans, LA, United States

Donor Advised Funds

Miscellaneous Donor Advised Fund

Julia Bennett
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy
Little Rock, AK, United States

Brenda Joyce Crawford
Vallejo, CA, United States

Norma Timbang
Seattle, WA, United States

Outright Action International
New York, NY, United States

The Stay Together Appalachian Youth (STAY) Project
New Market, TN, United States

International Donor Advised Fund

All Africa Theological Education by Extension Association (AATEEA)
Lusaka, Zambia

COC Nederland
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action (CREA)
New Delhi, India

Efeta Community
Mexico City, Mexico

Roots and Wings Fund

Agisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training
Johannesburg, South Africa

Free Gender
Cape Town, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Lesbian Herstory Archives
Brooklyn, NY, United States

National Center for Lesbian Rights
San Francisco, CA, United States

National Women’s Health Network
Washington, DC, United States

Out in Africa South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Cape Town, South Africa

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center
New York, NY, United States

The OTHER Foundation
Johannesburg, South Africa

Transgender and Intersex Africa
Pretoria, South Africa

Theresa Rose and Maria J. Rintrona Fund

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) Inc
New York, NY, United States

GRIOT Circle
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Jewish Voice for Peace
Oakland, CA, United States

Outright Action International
New York, NY, United States

Political Research Associates
Somerville, MA, United States

Southerners on New Ground (SONG)
Atlanta, GA, United States



Visionary (25k+)

Anonymous (2)

11th Hour Project of the Schmidt Family Foundation

AbbVie Foundation

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

Amy Mandel & Katina Rodis Fund

Arcus Foundation

Elisabeth Bosch/Dreilinden gGmbH

Margaret Bostrom

Amy Laura Cahn

Calamus Foundation-DE

Andrew Christian & Jeffrey White

Jeanne R. Cordova Living Trust

Anne E. Dade

Ford Foundation

Foundation for a Just Society

Katherine M. Franke & Jan Lori Goldman

Laughing Gull Foundation

Levi Strauss Foundation

Libra Foundation


Mama Cash

Weston F. Milliken/Kicking Assets Fund/Tides Foundation

National Democratic Institute For International Affairs

Network for Good

New World Foundation

North Star Fund

Open Society Foundations

Ellen Page

Elizabeth Scott & James Houston

Sister Spirit Bookstore

Naomi Sobel & Becky Silverstein

Ted Snowdon Foundation

The Pitcairn Donor Advised Fund

The Sprocket Foundation

Tides Foundation

Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock

Estate of Jan Zobel

Catalyst (10k+)

Adam & Rachel Albright

Ralph Albert

Cynthia Carole Beard

Bryna Cofrin-Shaw

Cocktail Blue, LLC

Michael A. Dively

Fund for Global Human Rights

Eva L. Fury

Elspeth Gilmore

Global Fund for Women

Sue Goldwomon


Horizons Foundation

Jessan Hutchison-Quillian


Paige Kirstein

Melissa Scott Fund

Rotonda Foundation

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Sheila A Healy Rev. Trust

Starry Night Fund/Chicago Community Trust

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Danielson Foundation

Joy A. Tomchin

Trio Foundation

Henry Van Ameringen

Samuel Vinal

Cassandra Elise Euphrat Weston

Barbara J. Wright & Dee Kenny

Catherine Zinn

Groundbreaker (5k+)

Albert Penick Fund

Elly Bulkin & Beth P. Stephens

Click and Pledge

Kevin Dade

Holly Fetter

Fidelity Charitable

Devney A. Hamilton

Jeff Harps & Colin Miller Donor Advised Fund

Michael Herz

Ambassador James C. Hormel

Trish Houck & Lyssa Jenkens

William Johnson

Paul Mersfelder

Diana Rosenblum

Ivy Sokol

The Other Foundation

Wells Fargo Advisors

Advocate (1500+)

Katherine T. Acey


Susan S. Allee & Karen Krahulik

Jennifer M. Brier & Kathryn J. Hindmand

Pamela Brier & Peter Aschkenasy

Victoria C. Brush

Karen O. Burkhardt

Debajyoti Chatterji & Smee Chatterji

Combined Jewish Philanthropies

Common Counsel Foundation

Patricia M. Fontaine

Jennifer Francis & Peter T Francis

Marc Gunther & Karen Schneider

Hallie Herz

Liz Hirsch & Karen Pratt

Amy E. Hirsch & Jessica M. Robbins

Iimay Ho & Megan Rolfe

Alice Y. Hom

Jewish Community Endowment Fund

Charles Kerl

Aida M. Khan

Evan King

Pamela Kohlberg Fund

Tina Lear & Elena Terrone

Daniel J. Lee

Nancy Levit & Cathy Underwood

LGBT Charities

Mervyn Marcano

Anna and Benjamin Mudd

Bernice Lynn Murphy

Mildred Murphy

Peace Development Fund

Marc S. Plonskier

Polk Brothers Foundation

Harold K. Raisler Foundation

Toshi Reagon

Shad A. Reinstein & Jody Laine White

Jeff Robbin & Laura Robbin

Diane Sabin & Jewelle Gomez

Sakata Seed America, Inc

Mary Beth Salerno & Denise Kleis

Beverly A. Scott & Courtney

The California Endowment

Julia Tortolani

Urgent Action Fund

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Shana Weaver

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

John Won

Associates (500+)

Ellen Alpert & Janice Sears

Urooj Arshad

Ward Auerbach & Andy Baker

Merrill Black

William Bragin

Stephen Brier

Bright Funds Foundation

Sarah Buttenwieser & Hosea Baskin

Sofia Chang

Catherine Chanse

Alexandra Chasin

Keely Cofrin-Shaw

Elizabeth B. Conant & Camille Cox

Theodora Yang Copley

William Cordery & Edgar Villanueva

Jessica Dorrance

Elana Dykewomon

Kristy Edmunds

Deborah Felix

Eugenie Fitzgerald & Beth Burkhart

Nathan Fleming & Abby Mohaupt

Ford Foundation Matching Gift Program

Kim L. Ford

Marcia Gallo & Ann Cammett

Katherine Grainger

Reverend Jan Griesinger

Mariam Habib & Michele James

Kate O’Hanlan & Léonie A. Walker

John Heilman

Judith Helfand

Aubrey Herrera

William L. Hickey

Kuan Ho

Hope Credit Union

Emily D. Howe & Aimee Gelnaw

Ray Hsia

Nan Hunter

Carol Jaspin & Rhonda Santamour

Melissa Jefferson

Gary Kahn

Ben Kerl & Abigail Kerl

Ethel Klein & Edward Krugman

Koya Leadership Partners

Leone Kraus

Abraham L. Lateiner

Terry Lawler

Nancy Lawton & Steve Fury

Andrea Long

Christina Luconi

Lynne & Andy Magner

Maureen Mahon & Brian Tate

Gita Mehrotra & Alix Kolar

Metropolitan Tennis Group, Inc.

Mary Moore

Patricia Murnen

Ragnar D. Naess & David Charles

Chani Nicholas & Sonya Passi

Ann and Daniel Nitzan

Havilland O’Briant

Ellen Shapiro & Carol L. Page

Ann Parker-Way

Pledgeling Foundation

Eleanor Pritchett

Christopher Punongbayan

Megan E. & Pamela D. Quincy

RBC Wealth Management

Sandra J. Robinson & Juanita Deans

Robin Rosenbluth & Tracy Scott

Peggy Saika

Stephanie Sayasy

Lisa Sbrana

Michael S. Seltzer & Ralph G. Tachuk

Rosalind Shapiro

Risa Shaw & Sharon Gervasoni

Dr. Eugene C. Sheeley

Jerald Paul Shing & Duane Diviney

Shlenker Block Fund at the Houston Jewish Community Foundation

Raquel Simões & Susan K. Raffo

Social Justice Fund Northwest

Sparks Fund for Equity and Innovation

State Farm Companies Foundation

Colin Steele

Stonewall Community Foundation

Wendy Stark

Sam Tabet & Milo Chesnut

Laura A. Teodosio

Felix Tsai

United Way of Greater Twin Cities

Susan Wefald & Fred Doolittle

David Wermuth & Jennifer Kroman

White Flag Foundation

Arianna Willett

Susan M. Wolford & Delores M. Komar

Doreena P. Wong & Jennifer C. Pizer

Yo La Tengo

Karen B. Zelermyer & Tami Gold

Partners (499 and under)

Jennifer Abod

Accenture LLP

Roy Agloinga

For Marsha Day Memorial Fund on behalf of Angela Aidala

Cristobal Alex

Gregory Alexander & Hanita Alexander

Abby Alexanian & Amielle Major

Mary Alfaro

Kelly Ali

Anjali Alimchandani

Courtney Allen

Molly Allison

Nicholas Almanza

Ashley Anderson

Amy Anderson

Kimberly Armstrong

Fatimah Asghar

Awareness Center Yoga

Rebecca Baer

Samantha Bailey

Misha Balingit

Ann B. Bancroft & Sarah Faith Dickinson

Erinn Barnett & Kayla Coughlen

Monica Barron

Alvin H. Baum & Robert Holgate

Emily Beckman

Lars Bedurke & Carlos Flores Paredes

Virginia Behrens

Maia Lis Benson

Lily Bentley

Dr. Linda A. Bernhard

Berlin-Gerber Partners Fund

Johanna Bermudez

Joseph Betancourt

Elizabeth Black

Martha Black

Caroline Blitz

Theresa L. Boggis

Laura A. Bollettino

Mary Bond

Sharhonda Bossier

Tenicka Boyd & Calvin Boyd

Izabella Bradfield

Abby Brannan

Peter Brantley

Dr. Judith V. Branzburg & Amy Ryan

Sandra Brody

Carina Brommet

Elizabeth P. Brooke

Eugenia Brooks

Bernadette J. Brooten

Cydney Brown

Gilda Bruckman

Carol L. Buell & Olivia Hicks

John Byrne

Ann Cammett

Jill C. Campbell

Sarah Campbell

Rebecca Canote

David Canter-McMillan

Evette Cardona & Mona Noriega

Chris Carew

Marcia Carpentier

Will Carson

Judith Casselberry & Juanita Colon

Cody Castro

Lorraine M. Cetto & Alison Buck

SooNa Desiree Cha

Charity on Top Foundation, Inc.

Margaret C. Christ

Stephanie Chu

Mona Chun

Cheryl Clarke & Barbara J. Balliet

Bruce Cohen & Gabe Catone

Elizabeth H. Coker

Allison Coleman

Carol A. Collins

Vivian Colón

Jacqueline L. Cook

Aiyana Core

Theresa Corrigan

Alberto Cortes

Jennifer Crum

Nancy E. Cunningham

Ann Cvetkovich & Clara Gretchen Phillips

Susanne E. Dade & Ken Kunze

Ryan Li Dahlstrom

Ben Dalton

Lisa Dawson

M. DeBacker & Kim Hunt

Margaret Dellenbaugh

Meg Dellenbaugh

Reena Desai

Christine Desrosiers

Linda Diaz

Emily Dibble

Kelly Dillon

Elizabeth Ditz

Maria Dolan

Olga M Donohue

Anna Dovre

Alicia Dowd

Michelle Dowling

Barbara H. Draimin & Isabell Mackie

Rosalind Dutton & Jill Gates Smith

Lauren Ebersole

Rachel Efron, Ph.D.

Annabelle Einhorn

Hilla P. Elkind

Patricia Eng

Wendy Engelberg

Stephen Esquibel

Piglet Evans

Katrina Ewert

Christopher Fairbanks

Jim Fauntleroy

Edrie Ferdun & Jan Felshin

Ann Ferguson

Nita Firestone & Jane R. Bailey

Katherine Fisher

Lynn Fitzer

Colleen Fitzsimons

Nancy Flam

Laura Flanders & Elizabeth Streb

Dr. Cynthia Flynn & Deirdre Boyle

Dwight Foley

Sylvia Foley

Jane E. Foote & John M. Tartaglia

Joseph Franc

Ange Friesen

Lindsay Funk

Lisa M. Furst

Arlene Galvez

Swathi Gangisetty

Rocio Garcia

Mark Gardiner

Amy Garrett

Susan D. Gedanke

Dale George

Bookda Gheisar

Alicia Sanchez Gill

Kian Goh & Tamiko Beyer

Nancy Golden

Julie Goldscheid & Penelope Damaskos

Daniel Goldstein

Letitia A. Gomez

Reed Goodbody

Christine Goodfellow

Mark Gordon

Hayley Gordon

Meg Gouraud

Lindsay Greyerbiehl & Lee West

Joe Grossberg

Robin Grunder & Margaret Lew

Bridget Guarisco

Sarah Gunther & Amy Krosch

Sarah Guthrie

Sophie Hagen

Susanna Hamilton

Edith Hannigan

Christine Hannigan

Edward Harris

Christopher M. Harris & Therese Giglia

Dayo Harris

Jennifer Harrison

Pan Haskins

Kelly Hayler

Carol S. Hedtcke & Katherine F. Carmichael

Ruth Herring & Pam Peniston

Jacqueline Herter

Susan R. Hester

Christina Hill

Jane R. Hirschmann

James M. Holmes

YK Hong

Caroline Hooven

Adele & Jennifer Hoppe-House

Sophia House

Eric Hoyt

Human & Civil Rights Organizations of America

Liz Humphrey

Delbert Hunt

Olukemi Ilesanmi

Abbie Illenberger

Alma Izquierdo

Janet Jakobsen

Alexis Johnson

Elondust Johnson

Julie Johnston

Christopher Jolley

Linda Joplin

Michael Josephson

Kim Kaletsky

Morley Shanti Kamen

Jocelyn Kaplan

Kristine Karaffa

MIchelle Kash

Jeffrey Kasowitz & Adina Allen

Catherine Kavanagh Hammer

Aimie Kawai

Sheila Kelly & Carol Friedland

Audra Kenney

Mahdis Keshavarz & Shaahin Cheyene

Dr. Deirdre Kidder

J. Robin Kimball

Karen Kinney

Sarah Kirk

Jennie & John Kixmiller

Mimi Klausner

Samantha Knight

Blair Kohan

Ellen Koteen & Diane Palladino

Theodora S. Kramer

Karen Krischner

Kate Kroeger

Margaret Kroll & Kevin Frodell

Katherine A. Kruckemeyer & Catherine Spath

Kerry Krumwiede

Audrey Kuo

Kelsey Laderriere

Chelsea Lang

David Lanier & Gilbert Fouchard

Ana Lara

Michon Lartigue

Laura Lasko

Tamara Wilds Lawson & Harry Lawson

Nam Le

Laura Leach

Glorianne M. Leck & Susan Savastuk

Susan J. Lee

Devi Leiper

Mary M. Leno

Anna Levine-Gronningsater

Adam E. Levine

Michael Lew

Serena Lin

Spencer Lingafelter

Tracey Little

Janet Lobel

Joy Logan

Michaele Luisi

Catherine Lundoff

Andrea R. Lurie & Nancy Rosen

Kerry-Jo Ford Lyn

Kara Lynch

Andi Lyons & Janka Bialek

Jaime Madden

Liz Maldonado & Patricia Wilkie

Muna Ahmed Malik

Jake Manitz

Lydia Mann

Amy March & Emily Morrison

Vanessa Mariveles

Mary A. Mark

Mark Marker

April Lynn Marquet

Rachael Martin & Robyn Kali Bacon

Heather Rae Martin

Sarah Marxer & Lisa Wanzor

Anthony Marzani

C. Nicole Mason

Randal Mason

Jeffrey Masters

Darya B. Mattes

Amy Matthews

TJ Matthews

David Mattingly

Barbara McBane

Jason Mccue

Erica McDowell

Nicky McIntyre & Carrel Crawford

Elaine McKinley & Katherine B. Durgin

Kyle McNickle

Shane McParland

Felicia Mednick

Natasha Mehrdad

Amy Mendosa

Brandon Menke

Cheryl Merchant

Debbie Mesloh

Mexican American Legal Defence and Educational Fund

Florence Meyer

Jane D. Meyers

Ilaria Michelis

Virginia H. Miller

Yekaterina Milvidskaia

Adrienne Miranda

Jacqueline I. Mirkin & Edith Daly

Fawzia Mirza & Nabeela Rasheed

Joey Mogul

Donna Grace Moleta

Glynis Moody & Jacky L. Hardy

George Moody

Trudy Moon

Taralee Morgan

Maddy Morris

Shea Morrissey & Chloe M Kloezeman

Uma Moyse

Crystal Murphy

Nicole Myles

Kyoko Nakamaru & A Amaro

Gail Nalven & Patricia S. Rudden

Shannon Nangle

Adriana Navarro

Susan Neiman

Tracee Ng

Abigail Norman

Nth degree

Mariah O’Brien

Hillary Owens

Joshua Owens

Cristina Pabon

Carol L. Page & Ellen Shapiro

Brianee Pan

Roz Parr

Brandy Parris

Janet Parrish

Katherine Paspalis

Ryan Peckinpaugh

Amanda Pelaez

Kirby Pendergast

Aaron Peters

Alana Petraske

Valecia Phillips

Penelope Philpot & Stephanie Covington

Seda Pias

Jon Piedra

Ernesto Pina

Amy K. Posner

Kimberly Powe

Jenny Pressman

Linda Preuss

Katherine Pringle

Jo Quest-Neubert & Melissa Quest-Mercadante

Nitika Raj

Gloria Ramirez

Amelie Ratliff

Jane Reiss

Loren Rice & Kristin Gardner

Jeane Ridges

Talyia Riemer

Cassandra Ritas

Donnie Roberts

Megan Rolfe

Jamal Rorie

Ivan Rosales

Maya Rosen

Penny Rosenwasser

Alana Roshay

Laura & Rosslyn D’Amato-Contreras

Jessica Rothberg & Melanie Hope

Cynthia Rothschild

Holly Rowley

Imani Rupert-Gordon & Derah Rupert-Gordon

Alicia Vogl Saenz

Julia Salazar

Olivia Santosuosso

Eric Sargent

Eric Sasson

Kelly Saulsberry & Traci Beck

Curtis & Cheryl Sawyer

Ronora Sayaman

Hanna Scanlon

Janice Schachter

Allison Schedin

Teresa E. Scherzer

Charles B. Schewene

Amy Scholder

Alicia Schwartz

Amanda Schweizer

Tracy Scott & Robin Rosenbluth

Jeff Sebo & Maryse Mitchell-Brody

Florence Severs

Elizabeth Shanower

Sandra Shapiro

Joanne Shapiro

Rachel Sherman

Debra E. Shore

Tina Shrader

Annie Shriver

Susanne R. Shulman & Carolyn R. Altman

Debra Silber

Mark Silverwood & Rozanne Gooding-Silverwood

Mitchell Singer

Rae L. Siporin

Mika Smith

Margaret M. Smith

Kristin Smith

Flora Smith

Timothy Snowden

Myra & Charles Sobel

Patti Sokol

Alan Sokol

Marc Sokol

Joanna Solins

Neil Spears

Carol Spelkoman & Carol Underwood

Linda Stein & Helen Hardacre

Elena Stein

Hope M. Steinman-Iacullo

Lisa Stewlow

Rebecca Stilling & Jean Reeves

Lois Stone

Sunah Suh

Kate Sullivan

Estrella Sunset

Michael Talley

Ashley Tan

Lisa Taylor

Cynthia J. Telingator

Maria Termanini

The Pleasure Chest, LTD

Valerie Theodore

Reverend Paul K. Thomas

Sarah Thomas

Anne Thompson

Jasmine Thurmond

Jacob Tobia

Myrna S. Tortorello

Thuy Tran

Katarina Trautmann

Adrienne Trewolla

Randy Trigg & Caitlin Stanton

Yotam Tubul

Grant Turner

Robert Turner

Celia Turner & Nicole Gervasio

Jack Turner

Averie Turner

Kyla Tuttle

Edwards-Moore Tzedakah Fund

Soo K. Uhm

United Way of Central Indiana

United Way of Rhode Island

Aarne Uotila

Dona Upson

David VanHorn

Wendy Volkmann

Catherine Wagler & Katrina Cass

Saba Waheed

Laura Waleryszak

Aimee R. Walker

Catherine Wang

Joanna Ware & Diana Doty

Rachael Warren

Ruth J. Waters

Ruth H. Waterbury

Lorraine Waters

Victoria E. Watkins & Caroline G. Garcia

Richard Wegman

Monica Wehrle & Harriet A. Miller

Wendy L. Weinberg

Kim Westheimer & Madeline M. Klyne

Rebecca E. Weybright

Susan G. White

Jan Whiteley

Bernard Whitman

Meredith Whitmore

Timothy Whitworth

Judith Wick

Margret Wiggins

Anna J. Williams, Ph.D.

Bianca D.M. Wilson

Leora Wolf-Prusan

Iris Wong

Mark B. Wyn

Luna Yasui

Marisol Ybarra

Miriam W. Yeung


Leslie Yoder

Thomas Young

YourCause, LLC

Madeline Yozwiak

Judy C. Yu

Dyonice Zacharioudakis

Rocco Zappia

Aaliya Zaveri

Janet Van Zoeren

Suzanne Zuckerman

Amelie Zurn-Galinsky

About Astraea

Astraea Staff

Members of Astraea’s staff at a July 2019 staff retreat in New York City. Credit: Astraea Archives

Staff & Board


Nicole Asbury, Donor Systems and Database Manager

Kerry Ashforth, Interim Director of Programs

Ruth Baldacchino, Senior Program Officer, Intersex Fund

Namita Chad, Associate Director of Programs

Miabi Chatterji, Senior Grants Manager

Kerry-Jo Ford Lyn, Director, Global Human Rights Initiative (GHRI)

Mariam Gagoshashvili, Senior Program Officer

Bridget de Gersigny, Director of Communications

Marina Gonzalez Flores, Program Associate, Global Philanthropy Project

Sarah Gunther, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships

Raviva Hanser, Strategic Communications Program Manager

Christy Harris, Senior Accountant

Matthew Hart, Director, Global Philanthropy Project

Hanna Israel, Development Associate, Institutional Giving

Shaena Johnson, LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund Program Officer

Kim Kaletsky, Communications Manager

Kyli Kleven, Grants Management Associate

Irvin Lozano, Junior Accountant

Joy Michael, Controller

Dondy Marie Moreland, Director of Individual Giving and Special Events

Sandy Nathan, Interim Executive Director

Ezra Berkley Nepon, Program Officer, Global Philanthropy Project

Brenda Salas Neves, Senior Program Officer

Biola Odunewu, Executive Assistant

Courtney Okeke, Program Associate

Lame Olebile, Program Officer

Loé Petit, Program Associate, Intersex Fund

Mihika Srivastava, Communications Program Associate

Sally Troncoso, Development Officer, Annual Giving

Celia Turner, Senior Development Officer, Institutional Giving

Robin Wilby, Communications Storybank Video Editor

Simone Williams, Office Manager and HR Coordinator


Urooj Arshad

Eboné Bishop, Co-Chair

William Cordery

Maria De La Cruz

Ryan Li Dahlstrom

Eugénie Fitzgerald, Treasurer

Susana Fried

Bookda Gheisar, Secretary

Iimay Ho, Co-Chair

Darla Kashian

Geetanjali Misra

Rocki Simões

Interns & Temporary Staff

Justina Yam, Communications Intern

Sophie Kreitzberg, Program Associate

Special Thanks

Luis Abolafia

Katherine Acey

Georgina Adhiambo

Esther Adiambo

Anna Margarita Albelo

Amany Alhadka

J. Bob Alotta*

Tasha Amezcua

Sandra Angel

Sarah Aoun

Angelika Arutyunova

Horia Ata

Annette Atieno Nyabundi

Courtenay Barrett

Teresa Basilio

Julia Beatty


Julia Bennett

Athena Bernkopf

Danielle Blunt

Luis Bonnet

Miles Bredin

delia bruje fuego

Nicolette Bryan

Pascha Bueno-Hansen

Kelly Bush Novak

Britt Camacho

Silvia Casalino

Rosemary Castillo

Azar Causevic

Helen Ceballos

Guadalupe Chavez

Jean Chong

Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

Kiersey Clemons

Communications Advocacy Project

Liliana Conde

Sasha Costanz-Chock

Bishakha Datta

Felicia Day

Lea DeLaria

Design Action Collective

Amina Doherty

Shalini Eddens

Justus Eisfeld

Dolphine Emali

Pascal Emmer

Mónica Enríquez-Enríquez


Hannah Gadsby

Salvatore Gagliano

Kristin Gardner*

Félix Gardon

Gitahi Githuku

Beatriz Gonzalez

Jacinta Gonzalez

Ruben Gonzalez

Kelly Groves

Emily Hampshire

Shreya Ila Anasuya

Incite/Insight Consulting

Saskia Ivens

Danielle Johnson

Kendra Johnson

Mark-Anthony Johnson

Nguru Karugu

Amir Khadar

Nermeen Khaled

Hamid Khan

Danny Khotsombath

Bibi Kukuya

Paula Lentoni

Michaela Leslie-Rule

Dane Lewis

Tamika Lewis

Anne Lim

Cynthia Lin

Zakiya Lord*

Lousch Creations

Andrea Lynch

Mama Cash

Miluska Martinez

Kate Massey

Kyla Massey

Shanequa McCrimmon

Thenjiwe McHarris

Monique Meadows

Matt Mitchell

Kate Moennig

Indya Moore

Gloria Muthoka

George Mwai

Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe

Susan Neiman*

Tatenda Ngwaru*

Rose Nieves Dominguez

Adela Nieves Martinez

Otibho Obianwu

Otieno Peter Odongo

Aisha Onsando

Rebekah Or

Sarah Owusu

Cara Page*

Ellen Page

J. Pasila

Luisa Ortiz Perez

Robert Perez

Kelly Perneth

Tawana Petty

Krystal Portalatin

Greg Propper

Susan Raffo

Kenrya Rankin

Jason Reitman

Steven Renderos

Sabrina Rich

Maya Richman

Andrea Ritchie

Caroline Rivas

Celiany Rivera Velázquez

Faith Robinson

Alejandra Sarda

Ghiwa Sayegh

Chris Schweidler

Hanifah Shoatz-Bey

Amy Simon


Naomi Sobel and Becky Silverstein

Natalia Soloviova

Strategies for Social Change

Jessica Tomlin

Loan Tran

Zarah Udwadia

Kate Urmeneta

Adaku Utah

Smita Vanniyar

Claribel Vidal

Edgar Villanueva

Jeffrey Wambaya

Sulique Waqa

Olivia Wilde

Erica Woodland

Beth Woroniuk

Wynwood Pride Miami

Iman Young

Yue Yu

  1. This list currently includes anyone who was on Astraea’s staff as of January 31, 2020
  2. This list currently includes anyone who was on Astraea’s board as of the end of FY19 (June 30, 2019)

Vision & Mission

About Astraea

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice is the only philanthropic organization working exclusively to advance LGBTQI rights around the globe. We support hundreds of brilliant and brave grantee partners in the U.S. and internationally who challenge oppression and seed social change. We work for racial, economic, social, and gender justice, because we all deserve to live our lives freely, without fear, and with profound dignity.


We envision a world where all people can actively and enthusiastically belong, regardless of their sex, sexuality, gender, bodies, dis/ability, race, class, nationality, migration status, or any other aspect of identity or circumstance.


Our mission is to fuel local and global movements that shift power to LGBTQI people and organizations pursuing social justice and human rights. We do this by providing support in the form of grantmaking, philanthropic advocacy, communications, and capacity building.

Our Funds

Astraea supports LGBTQI groups that promote racial, economic, and gender justice, prioritizing groups led by and for trans, intersex, and gender non—conforming people, lesbian, bisexual, and queer women, as well as artists and cultural changemakers. Our grantmaking supports those with limited access to traditional funding, and who are best placed to make change. We strengthen LGBTQI groups by providing flexible general support grants ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 per year.

U.S. Fund

The U.S. Fund is Astraea’s longest—standing fund. We have been funding at the intersections of racial, gender, economic, migrant, and reproductive justice movements, centering the leadership of LGBTQI and gender non—conforming People of Color in the U.S. for over 40 years. Over the last year, we awarded over $1.5 million in grants to 59 groups in 24 states, with nearly 100% of this funding going to LGBTQI People of Color—led groups.

International Fund

Astraea’s International Fund has existed for over 20 years and has worked with organizations in 101 countries during that time. The fund supports groups led by LGBTQI communities—prioritizing LBTQI—led organizing in particular—working for progressive social change. This year, we awarded over $1.8 million in grants to 108 organizations in 64 countries. Our international grantee partners are responding to closing civil society spaces, combatting backlash and violence from conservative forces, engaging in new forms of movement building across national and regional borders, and building strategies to address collective wellness, healing justice, and digital security.

Intersex Human Rights Fund

Astraea’s Intersex Human Rights Fund is the first dedicated intersex fund in the world, and since its creation in 2015, the fund has leveraged nearly $2 million in new funding for the global intersex community. Our fifth cycle of grants was also our largest, totaling $290,000 to 38 groups in 31 countries. Our grantee partners use advocacy, policy, and cultural change strategies to work towards ensuring the human rights, bodily autonomy, physical integrity, and self—determination of intersex people around the world.

Fertile Ground Fund

Launched in 2018, the Fertile Ground Fund is a flexible funding source that provides resources based on the shifting needs and desires of Astraea’s grantee partners, allowing them to be more nimble and responsive. It supports activists to seize opportunities to seed and grow movement visions, ensuring organizations can prioritize collective liberation and sustainability towards building long—term movements. This year, Astraea’s International Fertile Ground Fund granted a total of $113,000 across 28 grants, supporting the strengthening of regional feminist and LGBTQI networks and growing global cross—movement collaborations.

Global Arts Fund

Astraea’s Global Arts Fund is a biennial fund which supports, showcases, and connects impactful art by LGBTQI people and organizations that are using art as a tool for social transformation, yet have limited access to resources for this critical work. In our 42—year history we have granted over $4 million to more than 200 individuals and 300 organizations, supporting artists like Audre Lorde and Cheryl Clark, and new honorees such as singer—songwriter Be Steadwell and the arts collective East African Visual Artists.