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Astraea Mourns Leader and Friend Del Martin - Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice

Astraea Mourns Leader and Friend Del Martin

Published on Aug 27, 2008

The LGBTI and progressive movements lost a powerful and tireless leader, visionary, and mentor when Del Martin, 87, passed away on August 27th in a San Francisco hospice. Del was surrounded by family, friends, and her life partner, Phyllis Lyon, whom she legally wed in June under California Law.

USA- New York

We join in mourning with so many others whose lives were touched by Del. Longtime friends and supporters of Astraea, Del and Phyllis were remarkable not just in their love partnership of over 50 years, but in their political partnership.

Del will be sorely missed—as a feminist leader who stood up tirelessly across many issues and for many communities. From lesbian rights to ending domestic violence, Del had a tremendous impact. With Phyllis, she was instrumental in building the movement that we continue today, in the U.S. and around the world.

Astraea extends our deepest condolences to Phyllis and the rest of Del’s family. We hold them in our hearts as we continue our work with the unflagging spirit and conviction that guided Del’s life and that inspires ours.

In peace,

Katherine Acey
Executive Director