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Go Magazine Honors Astraea Standouts in 100 Women We Love - Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice

Go Magazine Honors Astraea Standouts in 100 Women We Love

Published on Jun 17, 2011

Astraea is pleased to announce that Go Magazine has selected Executive Director J. Bob Alotta and Board Member Ileana Jimenez as two of its class of 2011 “100 Women We Love.”  Also honored were grantee partners Amber Hollibaugh of Queers for Economic Justice, B. Cole of the Brown Boi project, Lisbeth Melendez Rivera of Unid@s, and Chong Moua of Shades of Yellow.

USA- New York

100 Women We Love

J. Bob Alotta

“I aim to connect the dots to reveal a brilliant constellation of LGBTI righteousness: we are such amazing, diverse, thoughtful, ever-present and ever-growing people. The phrase, ‘We are everywhere,’ doesn’t just imply geography. We are inside of, affected by and affecting every issue,” Alotta points out. “It is my job to make sure ‘justice’ is a verb.”

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Ileana Jimenez

Ileana Jimenez is the founder and sole blogger at FeministTeacher.com and an educator at the progressive Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School in New York. She teaches courses on feminism, Latino/a literature, LGBT literature and more to prep the next generation of feminist thinkers. An Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice board member since 2005, Jimenez received the 2010 Distinguished Fulbright Award in Teaching to conduct research on gender and education in Mexico and spoke at Mexico City’s first international conference on bullying.

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