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Meet our International Fund grantee partners!

Published on Oct 11, 2018

It is with great joy that we announce this year’s International Fund grantee partners. Astraea awarded $1,746,900 in 111 grants, to 89 grantee partners, in 49 countries!

It is with great joy that we announce this year’s International Fund grantee partners. Astraea International Fund provides grants to groups groups based outside the U.S.

Astraea’s International Fund awarded $1,746,900 in 111 grants, to 89 grantee partners, in 49 countries! These organizations represent an extraordinary range of brilliant and resilient activists and organizers working to bring rights, justice, and dignity to LGBTQI communities worldwide.

In the past year, our grantee partners have been instrumental in bringing major legislative and policy wins to the global LGBTQI community, including the striking down of colonial-era Section 377 in India, and the passing of a new gender identity law in Chile.

Our grantee partners are using creative and innovative strategies committed to our collective liberation; they are responding to closing civil society spaces, and combatting backlash and violence from conservative forces regionally and globally.

They are working collaboratively to engage in new and transformative forms of movement building across national and regional borders, as well as to resist state surveillance and build capacity around physical and digital security, recognizing that this work is fundamental to our collective liberation.

Organizations consistently do critical work to shift policy, legislation, and narratives around the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people in holistic ways. Through a variety of strategies including artistic expression, storytelling, organizing, and coalition building, organizations are:

  • Pushing back against the concept of LGBTQI identities and politics as a threat to ‘traditional values’: In Lebanon, Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research, a queer feminist initiative, is countering neo-colonialist narratives, by producing a biannual, multilingual journal that amplifies the voices of young, queer, feminist scholars and artists in the region.
  • Creating powerful coalitions across civil society to combat human rights violations: Togetherness for Equality and Action (TEA) have taken an intersectional, collaborative approach to building a sustainable, LBT movement in Thailand by bringing together young Muslims, indigenous people, students, lawyers, and human rights activists to develop human rights research, data mapping, documentation, rights violations, and self-care.
  • Strategically using policy advocacy and litigation to achieve equal rights, justice, and non-discrimination for LGBTQI communities: In Kyrgyzstan, Labrys is the first organization in Central Asia to monitor and document human rights abuses against LGBTQ people, and report on them using national and international mechanisms. One of their main advocacy focus areas has been legal gender recognition, for which the organization developed a set of guidelines that were adopted by Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Health in 2017.
  • Advocating for better and deeper LGBTQI representation in national and regional policy dialogues: In Colombia, Caribe Afirmativo launched an online platform – in collaboration with other national organizations – highlighting presidential candidates’ positions on LGBTI rights to help voters make more informed decisions and push for more LGBTI support in election campaigns.
  • Combating violence and discrimination and overturning negative stereotypes of LGBTQI people: In South Africa, Limpopo LGBTI Proudly Out, are working with religious and traditional leaders to end discrimination against LGBTQI people, recognizing that it is critical to gain support from these leaders, who are often highly influential in their communities.

Please join us in celebrating the work of all our incredible grantee partners, and read more about their work in the links below*:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
LGBTIQA Association Okvir 

Rainbow Identity Association 

Burkina Faso
Queer African Youth Network (QAYN) 

Together for Women’s Rights – Burundi 

Asociación Organizando Trans Diversidades (OTD) 

Caribe Afirmativo // Colombia Diversa // GLEFAS – Grupo Latinoamericano De Estudios, Formacion Y Accion Feminista // Mujeres al Borde 

Côte d’Ivoire
QET Inclusion 

Trans Mreza Balkan (TMB) // Trans Aid Association 

Dominican Republic
Colectiva Mujer y Salud (CMS) // Comunidad De Trans Y Travestis Trabajadoras Sexuales Dominicana- COTRAVETD // Diversidad Dominicana // IURA – Individuos Unidos por el Respeto y la Armonía // Trans Siempre Amigas – TRANSSA

Corporación Promoción de la Mujer/Taller de Comunicación Mujer // Fundación de Desarrollo Humano Integral CAUSANA // Mujer y Mujer 

Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality 

Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG)

Red Multicultural de Mujeres Trans de Guatemala (REDMMUTRANS)

Femme en Action Contre la Stigmatisation el la Discrimination Sexuelle (FACSDIS)

Grupo Artemisa Honduras // Red Lésbica “CATTRACHAS”

Radical Queer Affinity Collective 

Sangama // Sappho for Equality

Women’s Empowerment for Change (WE-Change)

Trans* Coalition in Post-Soviet Space // Labrys Kyrgyzstan

Kohl: a journal for Body and Gender Research // Qorras – Tajassod

West Africa Trans Forum 

Justice for Sisters 

Grupo Safo 

Dynamic Initiative for Healthcare & Human Rights (DIHHR), // Women’s Health and Equal Rights Initiative (WHER)

alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society

Aireana – Grupo por los Derechoes de las Lesbianas 

Colectivo No Tengo Miedo // Lesbianas Independientes Feministas y Socialistas 

GALANG Philippines, Inc. 

Trans-Fuzja Foundation 

Labris – Lesbian Human Rights Organization


Transfeminist Initiative TransAkcija 

South Africa
Forum for the Empowerment of Women (FEW) // Limpopo LGBTI Proudly Out // S.H.E. Social, Health and Empowerment Feminist Collective of Transgender Women of Africa 

Togetherness for Equality and Action (TEA)

Trinidad & Tobago
 CAISO: sex & gender justice 

PaKasipiti Zimbabwe // Voice of the Voiceless (VOVO) 

P.S. By supporting Astraea you are creating ecosystems of resistance that are smart, effective, and unique. We are answering the call of this moment. We will win. And we will do so because of your support.




*We do not publicize a number of our courageous grantee partners because of the security threats they face in their local contexts, so groups may be missing from this list