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Just Giving: 2012 Conference - Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice

Just Giving: 2012 Conference

Published on Sep 6, 2012

Join the Astraea Foundation at EDGE Funders Alliance’s Just Giving: 2012 Conference from September 5-7, 2012. On September 6, we welcome you to join us at two breakout sessions: A Dialogue with Donors and Activists on Economic Rights, Not Economic Rescue, and Speak Up and Speak Out: Media and Movement Building.

USA- California- Berkley

Conference-PosterHow Philanthropy Can Meet the Challenges of Our Time
Just Giving: Global Social Change Philanthropy Conference
September 5-7, 2012
Doubletree Berkeley Marina Hotel
200 Marina Blvd.
Berkeley, CA 94710


On September 6th, Astraea invites you to two Breakout Workshops:

A Dialogue with Donors and Activists on Economic Rights, Not Economic Rescue
10:45 AM to 12:30 PM
Current economic development discourses ignore the root causes of poverty and shift donors focus away from promoting actual economic rights. This world café style session will explore how to work together as a movement to use coordinated strategies to influence resources into the sector and develop a set of messages towards promoting economic justice. We will focus on debunking three common myths: Economic Justice can’t be achieved by working with marginalized communities; Microfinance is the best strategy to achieve women’s economic empowerment; and Measuring rights based change is too difficult. Session participants will have opportunities to speak with peers on these three issues as they relate to economic rights, share their experience and explore their own inquires. With: Mónica Enríquez-Enríquez, Astraea Foundation; Susan Jessop, MamaCash; Erika Guevara, Global Fund for Women.

Speak Up and Speak Out: Media and Movement Building
3:30 PM to 5:15 PM
Dynamic and strong independent media is necessary for the progress of any social movement for change, including the movements for gender, racial equality, and global justice. Organizations have developed cost-effective strategies to enable people to speak up and speak out on issues and perspectives not previously covered in mainstream media. Join us to gain an understanding of how funders are making media a central strategy, and how they are helping grantee partners to amplify their stories and make waves locally and globally. We will discuss how journalism, radio and film serve to change laws, policies, behaviors and mindsets leading to true paradigm shifts. With: Selly Thiam, None on Record; Cristi Hegranes, The Global Press Institute; J. Bob Alotta, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice; Mariam Armisen, Queer African Youth Networking Center (Burkina Faso).