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LBQ organizations center collective care; let’s resource them and learn from them

Published on Apr 30, 2020

The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice says a “return to normal” should not be our goal.

LBQ organizations center collective care; let’s resource them and learn from them

Astraea’s blog, Collective Care Blog: Building the Power & Resilience of LBTQI Movements Now & for the Long Haul, is Astraea’s response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a feminist LBTQI funder, we believe it is our responsibility to shed light on the ways our communities are particularly impacted by the crisis, share insights around the criticality of healing justice and collective care, as well as the ways in which we’re digging deep to keep shifting power to the grassroots in meaningful and sustainable ways.

This week, we’re sharing a piece we wrote for the Advocate on Lesbian Visibility Day about the leadership of LBQ movements and the responsibility of the funding community to recognize and resource them.


We know there are two ongoing realities for LBQ people: 1. LBQ-identified women and non-binary people’s lives are being threatened everyday around the world, and 2. LBQ-identified women and non-binary activists are not only creating change in their own lives, but also are building a new political reality that is inclusive, respectful, and safe for all oppressed and marginalized communities—and indeed, for us all.

As a result of heightened threats to LBQ communities’ safety and security during the current crisis, organizations around the world have been forced to rapidly shift and adapt their strategies.

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