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kolekTIRV (ex-Trans Aid) - Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice

kolekTIRV (ex-Trans Aid)

Founded in 2012, kolekTIRV (ex-Trans Aid) is the first trans group to form in Croatia, working to create a just society that includes the right to gender and sex self-determination.

kolekTIRV (ex-Trans Aid) was formed in 2012 to support the needs of the community. It is the first organisation in Croatia dealing specifically with the rights of trans and intersex persons. Last year, they succeeded in securing a first paid position for the intersex coordinator of the intersex project and a stable intersex program. They engage in community support with online counseling, and with hosting the 2019 European Intersex Community Event and Conference. They are also involved in awarenessraising with training in high schools and social media campaigns with original content and translations from OII Europe content. They are also helping researching the hospitals practices on intersex children in Croatia.

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