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Trans Queer Pueblo - Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice

Trans Queer Pueblo

Trans Queer Pueblo is a base-building racial and gender justice organization that is collectively governed by a growing membership of 300+ trans and queer undocumented and documented migrants and people of color in Phoenix who organize to transform our city toward fellowship, family, community autonomy, self-determination and liberation.

Photo credit: Diego Nacho

We are an autonomous LGBTQ+ migrant community of color who works wherever we find our people, creating cycles of mutual support that cultivate leadership to generate the community power that will liberate our bodies and minds from systems of oppression toward justice for all people. Our projects are focused on creating health justice and autonomy including a free clinic, building the power of migrant mothers through theater and literature, ending the criminalization and incarceration of LGBTQ+ people of color through community-run legal clinics and support of LGBTQ+ detainees throughout Arizona, reclaiming our own stories through art and media, inserting our voices into politics and public life through creative and strategic direct actions and campaigns like #NoJusticeNoPride and #EndManifestationLaw and building local queer and trans economies by creating cooperatives and businesses run by TQPOC. We combine service providing and community organizing to create autonomous community power to transform our city.

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