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Al Phillips-Shinn - Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice

Allie Phillips-Shinn

Associate Director, U.S. Fund
Oklahoma City, OK, U.S.

Al Phillips-Shinn

Al Phillips-Shinn grew up queer in Oklahoma, and it is their experience struggling to thrive in the U.S. bible belt that has continued to drive her activism today. With over 15 years experience in progressive movements, Al’s work is driven by the core belief that it is our communities, not our systems, that can and will create the radical future we deserve. It is that guiding principle that draws them to the Southern Anchors Fund now.

In addition to their professional activism, Al is a photographer, almost always found with a camera or two on hand. In her free time she reads, camps, grows food, and spends time with their artist wife, her five step children, and her big, beautiful, extremely queer family of choice, all of whom are working in some way to build a better world.