Sam G. Ndlovu


Sam Ndlovu

Sam is a Trans man raised on Feminist principles who is the Executive Director of Trans Research Education Advocacy and Training (TREAT), a Trans led organisation in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is currently serving as Chairperson of the Southern African Trans Forum and forms part of the current Interim Governing Body of the African Trans Network. He is a vibrant poet and musician who often employs artivism in his advocacy approaches. 

Sam has been involved in consultancy, including hosting constructions for sex worker organising and most recently in modelling flexible decolonized funding. He believes strongly, in a work model that intersects economic justice and deems it essential to expand the agency of trans and gender diverse communities in order to attain a full and active citizenry. Sam is a strong believer in reviving the heart and soul of the movement and that love and empathy will continue to be unequaled forces in centering and growing movements around the globe.